Monday, 22 September 2008

Complaint to Keatons

24th September
My Address

The Director
152-154 The Grove
London E15 1NS

Dear Sir/Madam,

With regret I am forced to complain and to escalate my property management issues to Keatons at the highest level due to repeated lack of response to these issues from your property management team.

Several issues were not up to standard with our flat upon arrival, rather more than anyone should be prepared to accept as standard. Despite informing property management of these issues immediately, I have not had a single acknowledgement from Keatons either that any issue exists or that they have received notice of any issue. Later emails making a complaint and asking for acknowledgement of receipt of a complaint, and my most recent request for a full response to the whole situation, including my complaint about communication issues, have been ignored.

The team has forwarded most of my points to the Landlady and also sent her responses back to us. I fail to see how that should have been part of the process, her responses have not been helpful in resolving any of the issues.

Please would you seek details of the list of problems, which individually could be easily resolved to our satisfaction, from the property management team, and advise us of how you intend to proceed with resolution. They have been sent many times to the property management email address.

They include issues with heating, plumbing, lighting, security, satellite television readiness and our tenancy agreement. My own resolution attempts include seeking help and advice from neighbours, taking risks with electricity due to incorrect safety stickers, contacting the current suppliers of the CredaNet heating system, contacting environmental services and the police community safety team, and the cleaning of human excrement from the exterior of the building. Would you also please acknowledge receipt of my complaint about the property management team communications and respond to it.

Yours sincerely,

Illinois Cook
cc. Housing Services LBTH, Ombudsman for Estate Agents

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