Monday, 29 September 2008

Can I dig it?

Frankly, digging is the only thing you can do with a baby's first few piles of poo. It's a bizarre set of treacly stuff that goes everywhere when you change the nappy.

And on other random rants, can midwives be taught to say "paediatrician" instead of "baby doctor"? Argggghhhhhh! I know I shouldn't be annoyed by these things, but there you are. In fact, in the classically English way of using circumlocutions to talk about stuff, there were a number of occasions when people really couldn't call a spade a spade. Then again, when someone says "You're doing really well!" you have no yardstick to indicate whether they're jollying you along, or really mean it ...

On that random note, I will return to baby duties. My daughter, I like to think, is a little greenhouse gas producer all on her own, especially since we haven't got round to using the proper nappies yet, and are disposing every time. (The shame ...)

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Aaron A Aardvark said...

Sounds like fun! No really, you're doing really well... ;-)