Monday, 22 September 2008

Am I just a pedant?

Well, yes, I probably am. Let me explain ...

I was watching "The Two Towers" a couple of nights ago. Thanks to it being recorded, I could fast forward through the moaning trees, Bilbo feeling sorry for himself, and the endless jokes about short people.

My ire was stoked mostly by the final scene, when Gandalf and the Rohim rush down the hill. Although they give the Orcs quite enough time to put together an unpleasant looking line of pikes, not one of them seems to be impaled. Now, being one who enjoys his history, I find this hard to believe: it worked for the Macedonians, it worked for the Romans, and it worked for pretty much everyone until tanks and artillery turned up. So why are the Orcs - supposedly not normally a push-over as a fighting force - any different?


And the building, which was due to be finished last Tuesday, will probably now be finished by Friday!

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Nookyalar said...

The case in this episode is in favour of your being a pendant. It's not all bad news, however.

This is because pedantry is the foundation of civilisation. It is actually an ability, to perceive detail and an opportunity for refinement. It is also the gumption to point out the opportunity for future avoidance of the occurrence.

Imagine a world completely without pedantry. No blogs? okay. But how about no dictionaries? No technical manuals? If those dynamic go-getters in high finance had been held in check by a bit of pedantry, we may not be in the hole we're in at the moment.

The world may one day be entirely free of pedantry. Indeed, sometimes, it seems it may be heading that way. But I sure don't want to be here when it's gone.