Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Letter to FCO

To: geneva_un@fco.gov.uk; milibandd@parliament.uk

Dear Mr Miliband and Mr Gooderham,

I was very disappointed to see that our Ambassador joined the walkout yesterday, and that you have both made statements condemning the speech.

Although you both studied related subjects to high level, more recent works have proven the contents of the Iranian president's speech to be true, namely, and to simplify, that the state of Israel is racist and has been founded on theft, racism, ethnic cleansing, and lies since 1948. Moreover, it commits murder on an almost daily basis, against a poor oppressed people, and works on a daily basis to promote the idea that the oppressed are somehow deserving of nothing more.

Although they seem to have convinced you, I urge you to read 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine' by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, and 'Beyond Chutzpah...' by Norman G Finkelstein. If you were to study these two books with an open mind I'm sure you would change your mind.

To save your valuable time, I can help by informing you it is necessary for the UK to change policy on this issue and side 100% against the state of Israel, which is acting criminally every day. Since December 1948, the Palestinians have been supported by UN resolution 194 in their right of return, and as you would read in Pappe, this would be to 94% of Israel. The UN mediator chiefly responsible for achieving this partial redress for the ethnic cleansing committed by Israel in 1948 was assassinated by Israeli paramilitaries. (Israeli paramilitaries had the full support of the fledgling Israeli state and formed a large part of the armed forces used in the Ethnic cleansing and the so called 'war' of 1948)

Currently you are not speaking or acting for me and indeed are acting in support of the daily torture, repression and humiliation committed against the Palestinians. You will naturally therefore not be receiving my support until this changes. You may recall the failure of The British Government to support or aid the ANC during their struggle. The 'hand of history' is not very interested in bothering with Thatcher's shoulder on that issue, though it was lingering there at the time. The UN anti-racism conference is the ideal platform to announce the new UK stand against the racist state of Israel.

Yours sincerely,

Illinois Cook

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Tim said...

Another great rant: I don't know how long it took you to write this, but it just reads so well - it's well argued but shows a bit of passion about it, too!