Friday, 17 April 2009

illi goes to Harvard

Drew Faust
Harvard University
Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear Mr Faust,

The above photo [of Dr Martin Luther King -ed.] is taken from your website, today 6th April.

I would also like to use Reverend King’s good name and image to promote an idea, the idea that you should not harbour enthusiasts for crimes against humanity among your staff.

I refer to Alan Dershowitz, who has been proven by Norman G. Finkelstein to be racist and bigoted, to have attempted to paint a false picture of history so that Israel may escape the withering justice of history that it so deserves, and even to have promoted torture and murder of innocents. A more minor point is that he has been proven to be the author of specious, false and biased claims, with a total disregard for research and truth.

This is all proven in Finkelstein’s work ‘Beyond Chutzpah’.

I wonder if Reverend King would have approved of this situation? Dershowitz’s position at Harvard is perhaps one reason why his outrageous claims are quoted as fact by so many, and his removal from your directory would only serve to enhance its reputation, as well as to shine light more clearly upon the ‘facts on the ground’ in Palestine.

Yours sincerely,

Illinois Cook

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Tim said...

Woohoo for Illi! An excellent and well-written rant.