Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Serendipity in an automotive fashion.

While thinking of this post, the phrase 'grinding my gears' came to mind.

Which is good, because I want to talk about a car.

This one.

The thing is, someone's spent a lot of money on a posh car, and a self-aggrandising number plate.
And then parked it in a disabled bay. Which really grinds my gears. Now, I may have been blinded to the disabled badge, but I don't think this is the case. IN which case: what a lazy scumbag.
Comment from Ol
Someone anti-social enough to get a Bentley in the first place, polluting everywhere, won't care much about using up a disabled bay. I remember listening to a radio programme once that described the word in psychology that is used to describe people that don't care about others and don't care what other people think about them (the people in question on that programme were actually queue jumpers). That word is "psychopath".

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