Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Electric is the way to go!

Forget the hydrogen fuel cell, forget biofuels, forget hybrids (they are only a 'bridge'), ELECTRIC is the future for automotive transport!!!

It is the only logical conclusion (to me at any rate!), given that hydrogen is still on a very far off drawing board and hybrid is merely the bridging of old tech (fossil fuels) to new (electric).

Don't get me wrong, hybrid is going to be here a while as the world as a whole gets to grips with letting go of the internal combustion engine and embracing the concept of simply plugging your car into the wall and you're good to go!

This is not some far off future doohicky, or the cute but lightweight G-Wiz - this is 0-60 in 4 seconds and a top speed of 125mph (limited) in the form of the appropriately named 'Tesla':

If that's too fast, then check out Smith's electric vans and trucks. The Edison, Ampere etc, Ohm my God, they'll be running out of suitably cheesy names before long! ;) :

Actually, on the latter company, Ford have recently announced their partnership with the parent company whose share prices are currently at a historically low level - EPIC:TAN Buy, buy, buy!


Nookyalar said...

Ironically with the downturn the expensive hybrid manufacturers are suffering as much as the "dinosaurs". Having worked in central London and seen the soot, and worked in outer London and looked across at the smog, I can't understand why London hasn't massively pushed electric : /

Oliver said...

Totally agree, electric is the way to go. Hydrogen is a non-starter, it's too difficult to transport and store, takes up too much volume and too dangerous in a crash. With electric cars they can be plugged into a smart electric grid at night and collectively their batteries can smooth out demand for electricity between day and night. This smoothing effect makes the electricity generation system more efficient. Sod the banks, use the bailout money to pay car companies to make eletric cars and wind turbines!!